Marie and myself are Body Stress Release practitioners and have been practising since 2002.
I’m an avid gardener and I spend many hours planting a forest garden, I’m a custodian of the humble honey bee. Marie is also a photographer, freelance for Madame Tussauds, and a retired wedding/portrait photographer, using mainly medium format with a 12 shot roll film, yes old school. Marie is now focusing on taking pictures of our beautiful world, her images can be seen and purchased on her website, www.mariestone.co.uk.

Our son Seth was born in 2011, we have slightly different views on child raising, which I’m sure we will go into at some point. For now I will just say that we co-created him in a Space of Love.

With Body Stress Release we do not override the body’s protective measures. We don’t force the body – we work with it and we can do that because we undertake a series of muscle tests to determine the direction of muscle stress/tension. Therefore we know exactly where and in what direction we need to work in and therefore only an accurate precise stimulus is needed.” www.chrisbsr.co.uk

As a kid of about 7, I have early memories of helping my granddad in his garden, it was only a small place but I vividly remember him showing me how to pinch out the side shoots of the tomato plants he had growing. My mum has always had a garden with lots of veg growing, mum and gran have a great knowledge of plants and herbs. Going for walks as a child was full of being shown what to eat in the hedgerow. Then came the teenage years! But now I have been back on the land for a few years. My passion is greater than ever for all things edible and home-grown. I have started to develop a forest garden, its only a few years old, but as they say about planting an olive tree, you do it for the next generation to enjoy.

The bees – are very new to the family. I caught a swarm from a feral colony last summer, I have been checking them all winter and they are all enjoying the Top Bar hive. By checking them I put my ear to the hive and listen to their gentle hum. I’m keeping or looking after them (keeping a wild animal is an odd notion) along the lines of the Natural Beekeeping Trust. This, I feel is a less invasive way of dealing with them. OK for a quick example: if your opening the hive all the time, the hive loses heat so the bees have to work harder to then reheat the hive, also the scent of the queen seems to diminish, couple this with smoke which stresses them out! do this 3 times a week and the bees end up constantly repairing the hive rather than getting supplies (winter food/honey). I could go on but not being an expert I shall just point you to a couple of sources of greater knowledge. www.naturalbeekeepingtrust.org and www.biobees.com


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